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The Botanical Garden, whose last extension dates back to 1906, has recently acquired a magnificent area close to Via Tiro a Segno and the Oreto River, which, thanks to weTree, will host floreal species of the Mediterranean climate present on a global scale, such as the West Coast of the United States, the Central District of Chile, the South African fynbos and the Mediterranean areas of Southeastern and Southwestern Australia.
Including an overpass joining the garden to its expansion, this new area will collect everything that represents the “true” Mediterranean climate: plants grown in similar yet geographically very distant environments will be planted here, so that students may verify analogies, homologies and differences among them.

Dedicated to

  • Rosanna Pirajno Architect and passionate intellectual, she devoted her life to enhance the cultural change of Palermo, leading important battles in defense of her city. Her name is linked to Mezzocielo Association, of which she was president and counselor, and to Salvare Palermo, with wich she promoted the most significant battles on urban issues. She died in 2018, after spending years for the achievement of equal opportunities between men and women and for the dissemination of a civic and environmental awareness.

In collaboration with:

Palermo Botanical Garden

Promoter Committee

Aloisa Moncada di Paternò, Member of the Scientific Council of UNIPA Museums and Collections
Patrizia Di Dio, National Chairman of Confcommercio-Gruppo Terziario Donna
Marcella Cannariato, Bellisario Foundation
Silvia Le Marchant, President of the Butera Foundation
Teresa Mannino, Actress
Luisa Mainardi, founder of Villa Tasca Park