The Pact

The mayors of the cities involved in weTree project are invited to sign this Pact, committing to put in practice at least four out of the following eight goals

  1. Promoting the development of new public green areas, also taking care of their maintenance.
  2. Endorsing gender equality and enhancing women’s competence in all initiatives.
  3. Soliciting private contributions and funding (from traders, citizens, etc.) so that they can play a part in greening the urban landscape starting from the spaces of their competence.
  4. Promoting sustainable mobility (especially walking practice) for a healthier lifestyle.
  5. Sponsoring environmental education programs at school and promoting partnerships with academic institutions.
  6. Raising awareness about environmental issues, by promoting good practices such as the maintenance of green spaces, waste sorting, recycling and recovery as alternatives to discard and disuse.
  7. Establishing an annual weTree Award for the association or citizens having contributed to the increase and maintenance of green spaces in their cities.
  8. Promoting greater awareness among citizens of a circular vision combining environment and health for the well-being of the community and the future generations.