The 2022-2023 “La Città per il Verde” Award

On Oct. 4, 2022, a Press Conference organized by Il Verde Editoriale publishing house and the Myplant & Garden International Green Expo, was held in Milan at the city’s Philological Circle at 10:30 a.m. for the presentation of the national survey “Green Investing for Growth. A Service for the Citizens” and for the new edition of the 2022-2023 “La Città per il Verde” Award (Green city award).


The 23rd edition of the “La Città per il Verde” Award will be conferred with an event during Myplant & Garden (at Fiera Milano, Rho – February 22-24, 2023), the international trade fair for the horticulture, landscape and gardening sectors.


During the event, the 2022-2023 “La Città per il Verde” weTree Special Award will also be given for the 2nd year to a female figure who has distinguished herself in the green sector.


President of the weTree Association Ilaria Borletti Buitoni, who attended the Press Conference, said:
“The collaboration between the “La Città per il Verde” Award, this year in its 23rd edition, and weTree stems from a common vision between us and ACER magazine, which has always been committed to promoting truly sustainable development, that is, attentive to a new balance between humans and nature.
weTree, established three years ago at the behest of three women (Ilaria Capua, Maria Lodovica Gullino and Ilaria Borletti Buitoni), is founded on a circular vision in which the health and well-being of communities depend above all on the environmental and landscape context in which they live.
weTree also wants to emphasize how women are often drivers of change and have greater awareness of environmental issues. That is why weTree promotes the creation of its own green spaces projects by dedicating them to female figures who have distinguished themselves for their civic engagement.
Last year’s “La Città per il Verde” and weTree Special Award was won by agronomist and landscape architect Anna Letizia Monti. This year’s Special Award will again express the recognition of female professionalism for a project dedicated to greenery in cities: recent emergencies, both political and health-related, have weakened the attention of institutions and the media to a rebalancing, especially in urban contexts, between built and green areas. Likewise, attention to the restoration and protection of landscapes, which is an unavoidable prerequisite for a just environmental policy, now seems to be a secondary topic.
However, the climate crisis, painful examples of which we suffered last summer, makes a new “circular” awareness urgent, that is, one that can combine specific problems with a broader contextual vision that alone can generate effective measures for the health of communities.”


The Oct. 4 meeting was attended by:
Graziella Zaini, director of Il Verde Editoriale
Il Verde Editoriale’s commitment to promoting urban green spaces and the environment;


Valeria Randazzo, Exhibition Manager of Myplant & Garden
Myplant&ampGarden: a showcase for the world of the professional green sector;


Roberto Panzeri, “La Città per il Verde” Award manager and National Survey referent
Green Investing for Growth, between continuity and novelty;


Ilaria Borletti Buitoni, President of the weTree Association
Women’s commitment and professionalism for the health and well-being of the planet.