A green pact for a new balance of humans and nature

for the health of all citizens

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The Project

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that human health and that of the planet are closely related: we all live in the same ecosystem. Learning to respect it is essential for the survival of humans and all other forms of life. This is the very purpose of weTree project. Born from a lucky encounter between women’s initiatives for sustainability and equal opportunities, it wants to give new breath to the post-pandemic world, enhancing environmental awareness in a circular perspective.

weTree has ambitious goals

  • Developing green areas in Italian cities dedicated to women who have distinguished themselves by their activities for a better society
  • Disseminating good green practices among citizens
  • Encouraging local authorities to endorse a pact in support of individual initiatives
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Member cities

Who we are

Ilaria Borletti Buitoni

President of weTree, Vice-president of Fondo Ambientale Italiano (the National Trust of Italy), and President of the prestigious music association SocietĂ  del Quartetto di Milano, she combines a solid entrepreneurial experience with a keen interest in the management of third-sector organizations.

Maria Lodovica Gullino

Full professor of Plant Pathology and Vice-rector for the valorization of human and cultural resources at the University of Torino, where she directs Agroinnova, the Centre of competence for the innovation in the agro-environmental field she co-founded, Maria Lodovica Gullino is an expert in plant diseases.

Ilaria Capua

Currently Director of the One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida, which promotes the advancement of health as an integrated system through interdisciplinary approaches, Ilaria Capua has directed research groups in Italy and abroad in the field of viral infections of animals that can be transmitted to humans, and their epidemic potential.

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You can join weTree by proposing a new project or a donation to support ongoing projects.

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