The project

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that human health and that of the planet are closely related: we all live in the same ecosystem. Learning to respect it is essential for the survival of humans and all other forms of life.

This is the very purpose of weTree project. Born from a lucky encounter between women’s initiatives for sustainability and equal opportunities, it wants to give new breath to the post-pandemic world, enhancing environmental awareness in a circular perspective.


weTree has ambitious goals:

  • developing green areas in Italian cities dedicated to women who have distinguished themselves by their activities for a better society;
  • disseminating good green practices among citizens;
  • encouraging local authorities to endorse a pact in support of individual initiatives.


In order to join weTree, projects have to:

  • be promoted by a group of at least 10 people supporting the signing of the “Pact of Mayors for a new balance between humans and nature” in their own cities;
  • be dedicated to a woman who distinguished herself in the field of civil rights, scientific or cultural achievements, whose example is particularly significant for their community;
  • take care of the trees planted for at least three years;
  • cover an area accessible to the public (or employees in the case of companies) and open to visitors if in non-public areas
  • preferably provide an agreement with the University of reference, favouring the intervention (with a fee) of a landscape designer in relation to the project itself or the regeneration of a specific urban area.


The projects that join the weTree network will be communicated through the website and social media, in press conferences and in all national communication.

  • undertakes to support the scholarship dedicated to the project or to contribute with the first tree to be planted;
  • assists local promotion committees, if necessary, for relations with public institutions;
  • provides advice on the choice of trees and on the project, if required.


Send your community projects to