STEM Woodland

wetree Milano - Piccolo Teatro di via Rovello 3
wetree Milano - Piccolo Teatro di via Rovello 2
wetree Milano - Piccolo Teatro di via Rovello
Beppe Sala, current Mayor of Milan, was among the first signatories of the weTree pact.


Within the Vivaio Bicocca in Milan, a functional urban forestry area will be created, a green path dedicated to STEM, the mayor branches of science (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), located in the 9th district of the city, between Via Cozzi and Via de Marchi. The creation of STEM Woodland is not only a way to improve air quality (more oxygen and less pollution agents) or to increase scientific knowledge among citizens through participatory science actions, but an ecological island in the urban context with two main goals: promoting plant biodiversity and animal welfare, especially of birds and pollinating insects.

Dedicated to

  • STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

  • In an ageing society, it is increasingly clear that living in a healthy environment is essential to prevent inflammatory and degenerative problems. It is also essential to make the younger generations aware of the importance of interacting with nature in order to get new knowledge. Humans has always learned from what surrounds them: the idea of a path dedicated to STEM within a forest accessible to students, teachers but also citizens, comes from the belief that combining technology with nature may open up new horizons of knowledge to be shared as a social value.

In collaboration with:


Promoter Committee

Andrée Rith Shammah, Artistic Director of Franco Parenti Theatre
Giovanna Iannantuoni, Rector of Bicocca University of Milan
Roberta Cocco, Assessor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services
Anna Maria Tarantola, President of the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontefice Foundation and Per Milano Association, former Bank of Italy manager and RAI President
Maurizia Iachino Leto di Priolo, Fuori Quota President