weTree and Aworld join forces to engage citizens and multiply the positive impact produced by planting trees

  • weTree AWorld 4

    With AWorld, the sustainability platform and mobile app chosen by the United Nations to support the ActNow Campaign, citizens live an interactive experience and receive daily advice and suggestions on how to improve their lifestyle making it more sustainable.

  • weTree AWorld 3

    By logging into the app, users can measure their own improvements in sustainability and join forces to actively contributing to the health and preservation of the planet.

  • weTree AWorld 1

    By joining the Circular Health team on AWorld, you can contribute with your actions to reducing CO2 emissions up to 50 tons by April 22, World Earth Day.

  • weTree AWorld 2

    The individual actions taken by the AWorld community will make the positive impact of weTree plantings grow exponentially.

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