Villa Giustiniani

On 29 May 2021, weTree project was introduced as part of the XII National Day on Mediterranean Nursery (online event) organized by Vivai Capitanio in Monopoli.

Located at the intersection of Via Fanelli and Largo Omodeo, the 6,800 square meters area involved in weTree Bari is known as Villa Giustiniani, also called “the Red House”.

The area includes an abandoned Roman-Byzantine hypogeum. The land in San Pasquale district is intended for public greenery.

The next dates

After 20 September 2021:

Kick-off of the weTree Bari project with Pact signing by the Mayor of the City

October 2021:

Scheduled start of works on the first lot of plants

By 21 November 2021 the project will be completed and celebrated with a Fest of Trees. On the same day there will be a collective action involving adults and children on the relation between humans and nature.

Project and design manager

Arch. Filomena Rossiello

In collaboration with